Our purpose

We are deeply passionate about making a sustained positive difference in the lives of others and are driven to see our clients achieve rapid, sustainable results.


We design human-centred solutions that make a lasting positive impact.

Strategy design

Does everyone understand why you exist and how you stand out from the crowd?

Capability training

Do you provide your people with practical tools and knowledge so that they can reach their full potential?


Do you seek the latest insights and truly understand your stakeholders’ needs?

Corporate responsibility, human capital and creative change tactics aligned to achieving your vision and objectives.

Leadership, people management, cultural awareness and innovation training facilitation and tailored programs.

In-depth qualitative and quantitative research and analysis

Our Team

Kristian Goodacre



Kristian founded Positive Social Solutions Pty Ltd in 2012 after a highly impactful ten-year management career in the not-for-profit sector working in one of the BRW’s Top 30 Best Places to Work (2013) and a dynamic mix of urban, rural and remote locations across Queensland, NSW and the Northern Territory.
Kristian has worked collaboratively in a variety of roles, from finance and strategic HRM to communications and high performance team leadership before focusing his career for the last three years on innovation capability building and organisational change management in the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) reform landscape.
University of Pennsylvania VIA Character Strengths: Creativity, Enthusiasm, Playfulness, Critical-Thinking and Perspective (Wisdom).
Professional Specialties: Creative Ideation/Innovation Training, Workshop Facilitation, Instructional Design (Adult/Youth Learning), Organisational Change Management and Corporate Responsibility.
Extended DISC® Behavioural Style: Influencer.


Monique Proud



Monique is a proud Aboriginal woman with strong family ties to Cherbourg (on Wakka Wakka country), but traditionally a descendant of the Kooma and Gunggari people through her grandmother, and a descendant of the Kuku-Yalanji people through her grandfather. She thrives on co-delivering meaningful projects and strategies that resonate closely with her values and are strongly focused on positive social impact.
Commencing her professional career in the tertiary sector some 10 years ago, Monique has worked in a variety of roles across the not-for-profit, government, tertiary education and private sectors. With a strong focus on improving Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander socio-cultural, economic and educational outcomes.
University of Pennsylvania VIA Character Strengths: Creativity, Enthusiasm, Social Intelligence, Critical-Thinking and Perspectives (Wisdom).
Professional Specialties: Creative Strategy, Workshop Facilitation, Corporate Responsibility, Community Development, Embedding Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Perspectives and Instructional Design (Adult/Youth Learning).








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